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The body is an incredible thing-constructed with the building blocks needed to help mend itself.  However, as the body ages, those regenerative abilities slow dramatically and we are left with the question: “Is there a way to supplement our body’s ability to heal itself?”  We believe so.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a developing branch in medicine that focuses on methods that can restore the structure and function of damaged tissues, organs, and cells. Most other treatments aim to treat the symptoms. Regenerative medicine aims to address the underlying pain or damage. While other methods—such as medication or steroid injections—can provide relief, it is uncertain whether you will have lasting results. Instead, it’s likely you’ll remain dependent on these treatments for a longer period of time. But with stem cell injections (or umbilical cord cells) it is possible to heal injury or decrease disease. Stem cell injections also have the potiential to reverse certain diseases’ effects in some situations. Some other benefits that regenerative medicine provide include:

Increased functionality: As regenerative medicine will increase collagen production, your tendons and tissues will be strengthened, increasing your range of motion. This will also reduce the risk of injuries and pain in the future.
Faster recovery: Kick-starting your tissues’ and tendons’ regenerative processes allows quicker healing, which means you can resume regular activities more quickly.
Reduced pain: By addressing the pain’s root cause, growth factors are delivered to the area of injury, which means less pain and enhanced healing
Regenerative Medicine Treatment Options

Blair Regenerative Medicine promotes a self healing environment within the body through the use of stem cells, growth factors, and PRP.

What exactly is the difference between PRP injections for pain and stem cell injections for pain?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections utilize the patient’s own blood. PRP  is a mix of concentrated platelets and serum that is generally great for helping painful areas or conditions that may either heal on their own (given enough time) or are possibly stuck in the healing process and need a little “jump start” to get things moving towards pain resolution.  

Stem cells are derived from a donor’s healthy blood and are more powerful than PRP. They are used to treat more difficult or stubborn pain conditions.  Stem cells encourage a greater concentration of stem cells; administering these cells directly into the damaged area provides faster pain relief along with the environment for repair. 

What Are Regenerative Medicine Cell Injections?

Regenerative cell injections use umbilical cord cells for directed injections. These injections may help provide pain relief by replacing and repairing the damaged cells, which reverses your condition while also treating the symptoms. Umbilical cord blood cell injections are safe, ethically sourced, and have been used over 60,000 times in the U.S. There have been no negative side effects, and the treatment has a outstanding safety record in Europe. All donors are rigorously screened and tested for both parties’ safety.

If you suffer from joint pain in your knee, shoulder, hip, or foot and want to improve your life quality without invasive surgical procedures, you may be a candidate for Regenarative Medicine Therapy. The procedure itself is hassle-free and quick. A simple injection of the stem cells and growth factors with the help of advanced imaging to make sure the injection is precise is all that is necessary. There is minimal (if any) pain and discomfort, and results can be seen very quickly.

To learn more about our regenerative medicine options at Blair Regenerative Medicine, just give us a call at 814-317-5175. We look forward to hearing from you!

How does Regenerative Medicine Work?

Over time, our tissue can lose functionality due to age, injury, and disease. This can mean longer healing time, cellular aging, and changing chemical environments. Fortunately, each person is born with building blocks capable of repairing and replenishing tissue. Through our research and understanding of these vital building blocks, Blair Regenerative Medicine aims to optimize the body’s ability to heal itself.

How Is Regenerative Medicine Used?

We like to think of regenerative medicine as cooperative medicine: a way of working with the care continuum and your body.

The science of regenerative medicine that benefits everybody starts with understanding the power provided by its cooperative nature. Over time, your body loses its ability to repair itself. Blair Regenerative Medicine uses FDA compliant products that cooperate with your body’s natural functions to help supplement, cushion, and provide support right where it’s needed. Whether you’re 18 or 68, it’s about aiding your ideal regenerative environment in the least invasive or disruptive way possible.

Patients and doctors alike agree: nobody wants unnecessary pain or surgery. That’s precisely why we cooperate with the medical community to provide options; when a steroid shot or ibuprofen isn’t enough, but surgery feels like a leap, there’s the option of regenerative medicine. Even when surgery is necessary, Blair Regenerative Medicine is there with products to support tissue repair and recovery. It’s a full-circle view that’s patient-focused and bound to a higher standard. Refreshing, right?

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