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Like numerous others across the country, you might be dealing with back pain affecting your lower, middle, or upper back. Currently, around 32 million Americans are grappling with back pain, and statistics suggest that approximately 80% will encounter it at some stage in their lives. These figures shed light on why back pain is the leading cause of disability in the United States today. Such prevalence raises various inquiries regarding the origins, preventive measures, and therapeutic options for back pain. The medical team in Duncansville aims to address your concerns through this article and assist in mitigating back pain.


Back pain originates from a myriad of factors. The intricate structure of the back and spine is designed for dual functionality: providing firm support for the body and enabling flexibility for motion. This framework comprises various elements – ligaments, tendons, discs, muscles, and bones – all susceptible to damage, potentially leading to discomfort. Although minor strains and stresses might lead to back pain, significant incidents like automobile accidents can also be culprits. Consequently, pinpointing the precise source of the pain can be challenging.

In addition to physical triggers, ailments like arthritis, obesity, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones can manifest as symptoms of lower back pain. Given the multitude of potential causes, it’s crucial to consult a physician proficient in pain management and comprehensive health to accurately identify and address the underlying issue. Fortunately, the professionals at Blair Regenerative Medicine fit this description. Their extensive experience and knowledge in back pain enable them to pinpoint and diagnose the problem precisely. Without such accurate diagnosis, even minor discomforts can escalate into severe pain.


Frequently, back pain stems from a bulging or herniated disc, making it one of the prevalent causes. Yet, it’s worth mentioning that not everyone with these conditions experiences pain. MRI studies reveal that up to 37% of the U.S. population has some degree of disc bulge or herniation without any associated discomfort. However, for those who do feel pain, it’s often described as intense and severe.

The specific location and nature of the herniation determine the pain’s character. A misaligned, swollen, or irritated disc might compress a nerve, leading to acute pain, and potentially causing numbness, tingling, and leg weakness. This type of pain is typically characterized as sharp and piercing.

To comprehend herniated discs, imagine them as jelly-filled doughnuts. Wear and tear on the doughnut’s outer layer (the disc) can lead to ruptures and tears over time, allowing the jelly to seep out. Reversing this damage is notoriously challenging. However, through appropriate manipulation and care, progression of the herniation can be halted, alleviating some or all of the associated pain.


Engaging in activities your body isn’t used to can often lead to sprains and strains. Take, for instance, a runner tackling a marathon as the first race after a season of minimal training during winter and spring. Such sporadic and intense use of muscles is unfamiliar to the body, leading muscles, tendons, and ligaments to be overexerted and sustain damage. Ligament sprains happen when the ligament stretches beyond its limit, causing slight tears. Muscle strains occur due to sudden, awkward movements or lifting heavy items. Both sprains and strains can cause considerable pain and are typically accompanied by bruising and swelling. Our facility is fully prepared and equipped to treat these kinds of injuries.


Continuous stressors significantly alter an individual’s physiological state compared to those not exposed to such stress. Under stress, the body releases various hormones to cope, leading to an increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, altered immune function, and decreased bone density and muscle mass. The presence of these hormones in the body often correlates with heart and digestive issues, obesity, depression, and even back pain. The release of stress hormones causes muscle tension, leading to ‘trigger points’ that are intensely painful but treatable in Duncansville.

Addressing the root causes of back pain, rather than just the symptoms, yields much more effective outcomes and simplifies the treatment process. A common denominator among the aforementioned conditions is spinal misalignment. Fortunately, the skilled team at Blair Regenerative Medicine possesses the expertise and resources to address and improve this issue.

For any pain or condition, the initial treatment approach should be non-invasive, conservative, yet effective. If you have further questions about your specific situation or back pain in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to Blair Regenerative Medicine. Ready to take a step towards better health? Call us today to book an appointment.

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