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Our Top Areas Of Expertise


Burning Pain in Feet/Hands
Sharp and Stabbing Pain
Balance Issues
Loss of Feeling

Joint Pain

Chronic Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain
Spinal Decompression
No Drug Solutions

General Pain

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Hand/Finger Pain
Herniated/Bulging Discs

How We Help

Pain management is the biggest factor that drives patients in Duncansville to seek medical or alternative treatments. Blair Regenerative Medicine has been at the fore front of providing non-surgical pain relief for both acute and chronic pain. This allows most patients to return to the activities they love much sooner than ever expected. You can’t put a price on your happiness. We are here to help you take charge of your pain and stop missing out on all the fun. We have proudly been serving Blair Country for over 4 years.

EXTREMELY Effective At Pain Management

Regenerative medicine is built around helping your body identify and restore tissue that has become damaged. We focus on the cause of your pain instead of trying to mask the symptoms your body is showing. By helping your body heal itself we will reduce your pain faster and minimize the chances for reaggravation of the condition. If you’ve been considering medication or medical surgery as a solution, give us a call, and let us show you what is possible.

Meet Your Health Team

Welcome to Blair Regenerative Medicine. We are proud to be providing pain management in Duncansville, PA with the best integrative medicine and cutting-edge rehabilitation technology.

Our patients receive the most effective pain treatment programs because we take your health and care seriously.

Your Complete Integrative Medical Plan In 6 Steps

Our staff will guide and teach you every step of the way throughout your treatment plan.

Step 1

Schedule our comprehensive initial consultation.

Step 2

We perform your exam and order diagnostic tests.

Step 3

Our health care team meets with you to develop your initial plan.

Step 4

We review the exam and tests results and recommend a plan of action.

Step 5

We take a natural and conservative approach for long-term health optimization.

Step 6

By following our plan, you enjoy your healthy life and recover a high-quality lifestyle.

senior man with hip pain

Regenerative Medicine

Ready to restore the optimal functions of the body by introducing regenerative-cell rich tissue into your body?
Regenerative medicine and regenerative cell therapy is a cutting edge therapy that has only become recently become widely available.

At Blair Regenerative Medicine we strive to educate and provide you with the latest up to date information about our regenerative procedures.

Many Happy Patients

If you have peripheral neuropathy this is the place to go!

Curtis Haney

Since receiving treatment at Blair Regenerative Medicine, I have noticed great improvement in my neuropathy and also my back and balance issues. The staff is very friendly and professional. It has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

Connie Millward

Immediate relief. Friendly staff.

Roy B.