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Hip discomfort can stem from numerous origins, and regardless of your pain’s cause, it’s crucial to understand the array of non-surgical treatment options at your disposal. While conventional treatments often focus on pain medication and extensive surgery, there exist other viable options. The objective of the Medical team in Duncansville through this article is to address your queries and assist in mitigating hip pain.


Osteoarthritis, affecting roughly 10 million individuals in the United States, is a common source of hip pain. This progressive condition gradually wears down the cartilage buffering your joint’s bones, leading to its eventual breakdown. As a result, even basic motions can become intensely painful, and various types of movement may become unfeasible. Alongside osteoarthritis, hip pain can also originate from muscle strains, bursitis, or injuries such as a sprain.


Other conditions that are often referred to as “Hip Pain” can be the following:

  • Avascular Necrosis (AVN, Osteonecrosis)
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Hip Labral Tears
  • Hip Tendonitis
  • Degenerative Problems Like Arthritis


All these ailments share a commonality: damage to the bones or soft tissues in the hip, leading to pain and, at times, compromised functionality of the area. Most hip discomfort arises from tissue that is impaired or absent within the hip joint.

Consider the possibilities if there was a method to mend the injured tissue or if your body could naturally regenerate healthy tissue to supplant the damaged ones.

Blair Regenerative Medicine offers non-surgical solutions specifically for individuals enduring hip pain stemming from typical injuries associated with the hip joint.


Once a hip replacement is conducted, the change is irreversible, marking a permanent shift from your previous condition. Dealing with a hip injury can drastically alter one’s lifestyle and restrict daily activities, a situation nobody wishes to encounter. Consequently, many individuals exhaust all available options in pursuit of relief, with hip replacement surgery often emerging as a primary consideration. However, it’s a significant operation with its own set of life-altering implications. Potential risks associated with hip surgery include blood clots, altered leg length, fractured bones, nerve damage, infections, and dislocations, to name a few of the possible adverse effects during or post-surgery.

Most individuals undergoing hip replacement surgery typically spend an extra day or two in care to ensure their safe return home and monitor for any complications. Post-surgery, specific precautions are necessary to prevent issues like blood clots, which can be life-threatening if severe.

Patients are often advised to seek physical therapy post-operation to familiarize themselves with the new hip and expedite the healing process.

The decision to opt for hip replacement is usually driven by the desire to regain pain-free movement and functionality. While many report decreased pain after the surgery, only a few manage to return to their pre-hip issues activity level.

Deciding on hip replacement surgery is a personal choice, weighing the benefits against potential risks. Given alternatives, many would prefer a natural method that supports the body’s own healing mechanisms instead of replacing the hip.

At Blair Regenerative Medicine, our expert team has developed a protocol aimed at alleviating hip pain and enabling individuals to resume an active life. We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific case and explore how we can assist you.

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